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If you’ve ever walked around the school during lunch, you’ve noticed the massive amount of people sitting in some of the oddest areas, such as the crevice at the top of the stairwell or hidden in odd corners in the commons. I started to wonder why someone would choose to sit in a place like that, so I decided to review a few student picks from around the school. 


Upstairs Balcony near the front entrance

The bright window on the balcony overlooking the commons. The sunlight beams through this big open window. (Emma Nodello)

Sophomore Freddy Garcia’s favorite spot to eat lunch is upstairs in the balcony area because his friends started sitting here. This is a common reason many students found their lunch spot including Ella Horan.

“I guess there’s not a lot of people and we sat here last year, so it’s kinda the same. It’s kinda nice to be looking down on everyone,” sophomore Horan explained why she also likes sitting in this spot.

As I headed up to their eating location, I found few places to actually sit, meaning if you want a spot you have to arrive quickly. I first noticed the gaping window letting in some really nice light; the only problem with that is I can only imagine how uncomfortable it could get when it gets warmer out. The small area makes it feel like you’re the only one sitting there, which can be really relieving at times, especially when you want to talk about private and personal things. 

I will say that because of how small of an area it is, smells can get trapped, so if someone’s eating something that you don’t particularly like, then be aware that the smell can stay for a while. 

Overall, I think this spot is a peaceful place that I highly recommend if you are able to snatch a spot. I’d give it an 8/10.


Side of the Commons

Blue tall tables in the commons. A backpack lays against the legs of the tall chair. (Emma Nodello)

“My favorite spot to eat is probably one of the tall tables with the blue chairs in the commons because it’s all I know,” freshman Eloise Havran said.

There were lots of open tables to snatch after I got lunch. When I got there I found it very busy. People are always moving in and out of seats in the center of the commons, but less on the outskirts, where I was located. What I liked about sitting there was that because the tables were lifted, friends could just come over to the table and stand and talk. They didn’t have to commit to sitting down, they could just say hi and get on with their day. I also liked how it felt more private than sitting in the middle of the commons, which can feel as though people are listening in on your conversations. 

I’d give this spot a solid 7/10.



Center of the Commons

A round table in the commons. The bright red chairs that perfectly match the school colors. (Emma Nodello)

“I just want to sit and eat at this table every day,” senior Kent Le said, referring to the circular tables in the middle of the commons. “I like seeing people.”

The longer I sat at his favorite table, the more I began to understand what Le meant when he said that he liked seeing people. You witness so many interesting interactions while sitting there, such as arguments and drama. In my honest opinion, I felt as though there were too many people. It was very easy to get a table, but some were quite dirty. You can have a conversation, but just be wary of the people around you because conversation is very easy to overhear. 

Overall, I’d give this spot a 5.5/10.



Stairwell Near the Front Entrance

The railing located at the top of the stairs in the blue hallway. It is a little nook with a single chair. (Emma Nodello)

“[My favorite place to eat at lunch is] near the top of the stairs at the front of the school,” junior Breanna Cressy stated. 

So I headed straight there. I wasn’t able to go to that exact staircase due to there not being much space, but I went to one similar in the science hallway. 

“[It’s a] comfortable spot that’s not crowded,” Cressey noted. 

When I got to the spot, I realized how right they were. It’s not very crowded other than people sitting probably 15 feet or so away. Unlike the commons I found that nobody was in your space and it wasn’t very loud at all. 

I actually enjoyed sitting there especially because of how compacted my friends and I were due to sitting on the floor which almost felt more “communal” I would put it. The only thing is even though sometimes it’s a little too secluded at times.

Overall I’d give this spot a 7/10.



James Jeffrey-West’s classroom located In the Red Hallway. The door is slightly creaked open. (Emma Nodello)

“Ms. Gill’s class [is my favorite],” sophomore Ava McCartie said. “It’s pretty chill, and Ms. Gill is fun to be around.”

I love that she mentioned biomed teacher Darshanpreet Gill because after eating lunch in the Psychology class I can confidently say that the teacher definitely impacts how much you enjoy your stay. 

So I headed into a classroom with a friend of mine. When I entered there was quiet chatter. AP Psychology teacher James Jeffrey-West was playing the piano, which was really impressive and entertaining. I was even able to get some work done in the process!

I’d give this spot a 9/10.


Out of these five places, I’d definitely say either the balcony area or the classroom is the best, but that’s just because I prefer places that are more private. I would recommend all five places, but it just depends on if you prefer to be out in the open or more isolated.

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