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New EP strains boundaries of electronic music


First conceptualized in October of 2023 and truly formed in December of the same year, Kisspink and the Boobies is a self-described “Avant garde/Noise band”, and I feel as though that fits the bill. PICROMASTICATION, their newest EP is fully instrumental, differing from their previous releases which often had the meowing of cats interspersed.


This song starts you off on the mysterious journey of Kisspink and The Boobies’ PICROMASTICATION EP. Fittingly, this eerie tune brings you through some sort of treacherous path. It starts with the sound of a heavy metal door scraping against its surroundings, as though you have been thrown into another world and are being sealed away forever. With an ambient buzzing and the sound of audio distortion and the rolling of some kind of object switching between your headphones, you can’t help but feel a sense of dread.

blind accuracy (from a spider):

This song is an electronic, overstimulating bop, and it may give you a headache. It has a certain deranged musicality to it, with the backing chime being the only thing that you can rely on to be there among the cacophony. The audio sounds like it’s constantly peaking and this track is not for the faint of heart.


“macrokisstication-PINK” starts with the same familiar chime that soon grows silent. An almost nostalgic, somewhat weeping melody takes over, and it’s as though the listener is lost somewhere that one is not supposed to be. I couldn’t help but love the haunting feeling this gave me upon my first listen. A shrill hum picks up about halfway through, and due to the song’s almost 7-minute length, it can be hard to not grow a bit tired of it. Despite that, it comes as a welcome respite from the onslaught of noise that is “blind accuracy (from a spider)”. A synth like the sun rising picks up near the end, then quickly crashes down into the darkness, evoking the vision of an anticlimactic rise to and fall from godhood.

What’s metal to a Blind man?:

“What’s metal to a Blind man?” is a sort of forgotten lullaby or maybe a song of reverence, with electronic chirping occurring periodically throughout. The sound is much simpler than that of the other songs on the EP, thus elevating its quality. It’s near impossible to choose what the best track on this EP is but “What’s metal to a Blind man?” is definitely up there.

moment moment:

The last song on the EP starts with the noise of something or someone being dragged and a soft static. This is followed by the sound of a submarine, or at least what feels like one. The sub descends and rises, and an overwhelming surge of electronics going haywire and the leaking of water into our sub appears. The soft static returns, sometimes growing harsher. Our submarine marches bravely onwards, ignoring the dread one comes to feel. 

About four minutes in, the song goes silent, but eventually the static returns, flowing into a lonesome synth until the end. It’s not a satisfying ending to the journey of PICROMASTICATION, but it certainly tells its story well.

The tale of PICROMASTICATION takes you on a journey past the boundaries of the material plane, and there’s no guarantee that it will return you safely back home. You can listen Kisspink and The Boobies on YouTube or Bandcamp, and they also have a presence on Instagram. They’re currently working on putting out a new album, so be on the lookout for that!

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