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New student representatives hope to make a difference and set goals to strengthen the community

As the end of the school year approaches, we welcome the new student government into power. After the elections were hosted a few weeks ago, the new co-representatives for each grade have been elected.

The new sophomore co-reps are Milo Harris and Judah Ostrand. They are both involved in the soccer program and hope to increase fundraising for sports programs.

“Some of our goals are to support incoming freshmen, create fundraisers, and learning opportunities for everybody,” Ostrand said.

They hope to create a welcoming environment for all incoming freshmen.

The incoming junior co-reps are Emma Nodello and Matilda Foster. They want to work with everyone in the school in creating a community-focused junior class.

“We hope to provide more community activities and fun things for juniors to do,” Foster expressed.

With these activities, they hope to generate increased profit for the school so events can improve. Some activities that these funds can go towards are dances and field days, as well as day trips for the junior class and other classes.

One activity that they mentioned was concerts in the park.

“We also want to set up more stuff like carnivals and movie nights,” Nodello stated.

They think an increase in events around the school will strengthen our community as a whole.

Finally, the new senior co-reps are Santana Apodaca and Benny Wilson. Apodaca is in his second year of varsity baseball and first year of cross country, while Wilson is in his second year of varsity cheer. 

Creating an outreach program for the feeder middle school Roseway Heights is on their agenda for next year. They hope this will give incoming freshmen information about clubs, CTE courses, the theater and music programs,and the sports programs. The incoming senior representatives want the incoming class to make their best informed choices about their high school pathways.

They hope to host many fun events and get the incoming senior class as close together as possible.

“I think more than just the 2025 class, just as a school we need to be closer,” Wilson mentioned.

Making McDaniel a welcoming community is a common goal of all of the new representatives.

“We want to make a difference that lasts and can be seen for generations to come here at McDaniel,” Apodaca concluded.

With the new co-representatives and their hopes of strengthening our community, changes for the good are greatly expected as we move onto our 2024/2025 school year.

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