Cafe offers refreshing food with serene atmosphere


Isaac Pedersen

Comfort food, as defined, should provide well-being or consolation. Comfort. Common traits include filling, easily accessible, delicious, warm and simple. These just so happen to be perfect terms to describe The Human Bean Cafe. 

Though the Human Bean is a chain, the closest one is the quaint coffee shop on Sandy Blvd. best known for its refreshing fruit smoothies and trademark chocolate-covered coffee beans. When entering the building, you are greeted by soothing, tawny brown decor and the friendly faces of welcoming employees. 

First founded in 1998, this Ashland-based chain graciously donates school supplies, water wells and shaded trees to third world countries while serving some of the tastiest coffee drinks I’ve ever had. 

Some of my personal favorite menu items include the peach smoothie, white chocolate mocha and lemon-poppyseed muffin top. The mocha’s perfect for a chilly pick-me-up, while a smoothie-muffin combo is well suited to conquer that after-school hunger. It’s the most refreshing drink possible, especially in the summertime.

Not only is The Human Bean a great place for food, it’s also a wonderful place to get a job. Especially for a teen, it’ll give good workplace experience–plus looking great on job and college transcripts.

As a former employee, Lauryn Devenport says, “It was a really open environment and my coworkers quickly became close friends to me. Definitely a fast-paced environment with lots of customers, but enjoyable as I get to know them on a more personal level and their orders.” 

Of course, no business is without its flaws. 

“To do better they could be a little more put together,” Devenport said. “it’s hard because a lot of people come and go, so training all the time can be frustrating, but it teaches you a lot of teamwork.”

Devenport’s personal favorite is the iced snowy mocha with caramel sauce and oat milk. 

“I love coffee, and the white chocolate and caramel add a good level of sweetness to it,” she explains. 

I know that most high school students aren’t looking to spend a fortune on food, or anything really. Starbucks drinks typically range from $2.95 and $4.65, similar to The Human Bean. Depending on the size, smoothies at The Human Bean are between $3.25 and $7.50. Coffees start at $2.00. Devenport’s favorite will cost you $4.55.

If you couldn’t tell, I’m one of The Human Bean’s biggest fans. They’ve got hot, iced and blended drinks along with the tastiest muffins out there. What more could you ask for?