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Salome Lamotte
Freshmen Lucy Anderson and Ava Wilken pose in their Converse All Stars. The shoes are often praised for their durability and widespread appeal.

If you ask someone if they know Converse All Stars, they will say “YES” for sure. Since being founded in 1908 in Massachusetts, the footwear company and the shoes have taken a big place in the fashion industry. The All-Stars are really comfortable and not that expensive. They’re essential this summer.

Converse shoes go with all types of clothes. Personally, I love wearing them with denim shorts and a cute top in the summer, but you can also wear them with jeans and a sweatshirt. You should have another pair of shoes for winter though because Converse are created with tissues and black rubber, which means that when it’s raining a lot, it isn’t enough to protect your feet. 

After a few years, Converse started creating a new style with black leather, but they also created a color panel, where you can choose different colors, like blue, green or put some pattern on it like flowers.

Yes, you can have flowers on your shoes, but also sentences, and designs. 

When I did some research, I also found out that you can edit your shoes. Let me explain: you can put different colors on each part of the All-Stars, different designs, even sentences that you want and change the laces’ colors. You can create the perfect shoes for you, ones that go with your style and make you feel comfortable. All of this without paying a fortune because they cost the same price as the basic ones.

Paying for shoes is always a challenging part; you may be scared to pay too much for shoes that don’t last more than one season. In 2024, we want shoes that aren’t too expensive but that also stay nice for a good amount of time. I guarantee you that the All-Stars’ are just like that. For $85, you can have really comfortable shoes. I know it isn’t that cheap, but they look good for a long period of time. I have had mine for four years now, and they look exactly the same as the beginning. 

As I said before, we don’t want to pay too much for shoes, but we also want to look at the company itself, to see if they are doing the right thing for their employees and respecting the environment. Converse uses some eco-friendly materials such as organic and recycled cotton and polyester. For the labor condition, most of their supply chains are certified by the FLA Workplace Code of Conduct, which protects the conditions of workers. According to “Good on You”, Converse is working to be environmentally friendly, and they are in constant progress and trying to change things. 

In conclusion, don’t walk, run to get some Converse All-Stars. They are amazingly comfortable, not that expensive and you would look really good this summer. You can create your own shoes and make them look like you. 

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