Kaeden Giles scores with new found passion


The Lakers are home to Kaeden’s favorite player Lebron James, they also happen to be his favorite team

Senior Kaeden Giles has had the opportunity to create not just meaningful relationships but built those relationships around something he loves. Basketball has been a part of Kaeden’s life ever since he was little. Watching and analyzing the game has become a regular part of his life and calling it a hobby would be a considerable understatement. It has become a passion even though he doesn’t play competitively. Since Kaeden doesn’t play on a team, he needed another way to pursue basketball. 

 Kaeden believes himself to be most knowledgeable about the players–and where and how they rank among themselves. This makes him an incredible analyst when it comes to watching basketball. It also allows him to predict what will happen during a game.

He has been a skilled writer since grade school, mainly writing about any basketball stories he would see such as the MVP award. Kaeden uses great grammar and conventions, something most writers struggle with. Still, it hadn’t been anything more than work for him until Mr. Heath, the speech and debate coach, really encouraged him to start writing. At the same time Trinity, Editor-in-Chief, posted about our newspaper on social media. 

 “The semester was just ending and I was planning on dropping my AP class because I knew I wouldn’t be able to handle it during online learning. So I was just thinking to myself what I could replace it with,” Kaeden said, “Then I asked her if she can get me into the class and that’s when she messaged Ms SB and she messaged my counselor.”

Kaeden would love to play basketball professionally, but he is more than happy to be any sort of journalist around basketball. 

“If I could have a career in it I would love that… but I’m like five foot f*cking four so there’s no way I could play but this is the next best thing,” Kaeden said. 

Basketball isn’t Kaeden’s only personality trait; he’s also hilarious and a great friend to have by your side.

Senior Amari Shearer has been one of Kaeden’s best friends since freshman year, and said “Getting to know him freshman year was a true experience, I’m glad I got to be friends with him” 

“If I could use one word to describe Kaeden, Imma say unique…,” Amari said.  “He’s not your average white boy… he’s really out there saying the weirdest funniest stuff he’s just THAT guy.” 

Amari also says that Kaeden is a person that brings to the table a good laugh.

“[He’s] a good person to talk to, it doesn’t matter what you’re talking about,” Amari said. “There isn’t much more you can ask for in a friend than what you get from Kaeden Giles.” 

Comical, caring and charismatic, Kaeden might be short, but his knowledge of basketball and his writing skills extend far beyond what most people are capable of. 

If you see Kaeden around, you’ll see him joking and laughing with his friends, possibly even on the court playing with our McDaniel team. Ask him a question about basketball and he’ll be happy to answer.