Cub Edition: Aria believes people influence her writing the most

Freshman Aria Peters has had many influences towards herself and her writing. However she believes that the people who have affected her most are friends, family and teachers who have encouraged and helped her believe in herself throughout the years.

One particular person who has played a part in Peters’ writing experience is her dad, who would tell Peters stories of when he was on the newspaper staff in high school and got to interview people on sports teams. He has supported and always believed in Peters being a writer.

Peters’ dad and herself aren’t the only ones who are aspiring to be a journalist in the family. Brother Maxson Peters has taken Intro to Journalism and is now on the newspaper staff. He enjoys reading Aria’s pieces and describes her as funny and fun to be around.

“It’s cool to see how much she’s grown,” Maxson commented.

Peters has also expressed how she hopes we are given opportunities to present ourselves as journalists this year. She looks forward to seeing if we are inclined to the same opportunity as her brother was given in his freshman year when he got to publish a piece in the school newspaper.

Another individual who has helped Peters in the past is fourth grade teacher, Melinda Holben. She provided a safe creative space where students could be themselves and experiment with their imagination without guidelines or any limits to what was possible. 

“She gave us a lot of opportunities to do creative writing, so it was super fun,” Peters said.

  Ruth McBee, Peters’ childhood friend who was also in the same class, believed that their class was very welcoming and the beginning of their childhood coming to an end. 

“I think that was one of the best years for everyone,” McBee said. 

McBee has been there for Peters over the past six years supporting her as a person, friend, and hopefully a published writer Peters’ ultimate dream and goal.

Although Peters’ current goal is to continue being successful in school work and join the newspaper staff next year, her lifetime dream and goal is to write a book. She’s not sure on what she may write; however, she does have many ideas of what she may write from books that have inspired her throughout her childhood.

Throughout the next four years of highschool Peters’ plans on staying successful by the support of her friends, family, and mentors to help her guide herself and stay focused on her future goals.