Some students find history dull, but for freshman Aiden Hackney, subject is very intriguing

Many high school students think that history is a dull subject, but freshman Aiden Hackney dives into history with the desire to learn and understand the past, which oftentimes carries over into his personal relationships.

Hackney’s curiosity in historical content stems from much of his fascination with wars, predominantly major-event wars such as the two world wars, the Vietnam War, the Korean War and the like, stating that, “I could go on a rant for a few hours [on] just about the Battle of Agincourt.” 

Additionally, Hackney had lived in California, and further back, Ireland, which has majorly affected and shaped himself and his life. It likely shaped his interest in Ireland’s history, such as the Irish Potato Famine, Irish War of Independence and the Irish Revolution.

Because of these historical influences, Hackney also tends to indulge in watching historical fiction and historically-based films, like 1917, Schindler’s List, The Deer Hunter and so forth. 

His beguiled love of history gets him talking enthusiastically about the Powder-Mage trilogy, a series of books by Brian McClellan. He talked in particular of the Promise of Blood storyline. 

Promise of Blood, Powder-Mage series…it’s like magic, but French Revolution. You can get it at Powell’s or something,” Hackney said.

Hackney stated that he is a solitary type of person with a moderate interest in conversation; however, his friend of six years, freshman Michael Gonzalez, said that Hackney is a “smart, funny, [nice], creative” person and a good friend of his.

“When we talked, he liked to talk [about] wars and U.S. history, and I haven’t known many of those things,” Gonzalez said. “I don’t think [he] always had those interests. I think that he was much more into sports. And he is still into sports.” 

Gonzalez adds that Hackney is irreplaceable to him and that Hackney is quite comedic as well. Much of these things seem to have lended them to their long-lasting friendship over the years. 

This is consistent with Hackney’s description of other people characterizing him as an empathetic individual who can “get on other people’s level” and “connect with them.”

Despite having some of the makings of a bonafide historian already, Hackney has expressed interest in the medical field.

He is currently enrolled in the biomedical science class at Madison and has been able to preview specific jobs within the medical field. Concerning the field, Hackney had expressed that the job of an emergency medical technician had piqued his interest. 

Hackney indicates that he is still in the process of trying things out and experimenting with his interests through different courses.

Maybe in four years Hackney will have a stronger disposition to the medical field than to history. However, while there are no guarantees at this moment, one thing is for certain. Any career path Hackney chooses in his future will be the result of his many passions.