Newest album from Kali Uchis

Jonathan Galindo Solis

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Newest album from Kali Uchis

Have y’all listened to Kali Uchis’ music? Like, her music is really good in my opinion, y’all should listen to it.

Kali is a Latin artist with some pop and rhythm and blues in her music. She does most of her music in English. Her recent album is called Sin Miedo (del Amor y Otros Demonios), which means Without Fear (of Love and Other Demons). This is her first album in Spanish, and she’s released three albums in total. I like some of her songs from her 2018 album Isolation. In her album, she talks about her life in a blatant way and I kinda connected with one.

In my opinion, her album talks about being powerful, independent, and giving love and having some love. Her song Telepatía (Telepathy) talks about connecting with someone or loving someone with telepathy, and I think that’s cool because you’re connecting with someone who’s probably far away from you. 

¡Aquí Yo Mando! (Here I Command) gives this powerful feeling and it feels good. Translated, lyrics in that song mean: “I command when you’re with me, and also saying, you can have the balls, but I have the pants,” which means you might have the guts but I decide what to do.

One of my favorite song on her album is //aguardiente y limón %ᵕ‿‿ᵕ%. When I listen to this song it gives me a calm, peaceful and relaxed feeling. I like this song because her voice gives it such a peaceful voice to the song, and the way she transitions from Spanish and English is amazing! To me this song means being laid back, chill and most of all relaxed.

I say anyone can listen to her because her music can be calming, upbeat or sometimes R&B. Her album Isolation has an upbeat type of music, and I’ve seen people who have a certain style of clothing listen to her music. People who listen to Kali give off an indie vibe, but I’ve seen others listen to her and I think that’s cool.

I hope you get a chance to listen to her music and enjoy the energy she gives off.