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30 years of the most heartbreaking album ever


Mazzy Star is an increasingly popular alternative rock band, and for good reason. It’s one of my favorite albums of all time. October 5 marks 30 years of So Tonight I Might See, Mazzy Star’s second studio album. After its release in 1993, the album went platinum, getting its ranking at number 44 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1994.  With the help of the hit song “Fade Into You, Mazzy Star’s most popular album is gaining more traction and attention online, particularly on TikTok.

Lead singer Hope Sandoval knows how to make her music work. With soft bass guitar and slow drums, Sandoval’s vocals are calming.

Although the music sounds sad, the lyrics are a mixture of both love and heartbreak. It offers a magical interpretation of sound and song, leaving you wondering if you should be smiling or crying. 

“Fade into You” is a song of sorrow tied with love. Upon first listening, you feel the song’s romance. Her lyrics of longing seem sweet but can also be heard with an underlying tone of wanting and sadness. The song starts with a beautiful guitar sequence, making for a great introduction to the first song. The soft drumming adds an almost intense feeling. Even after one listen, you understand why this song got so popular.

The second track “Bells Ring” is almost comparing love to faith or religion, describing devotion to a lover the way someone might view their religious beliefs. The song starts off with intense guitar strumming, electric and cool. Then, we’re met with Sandoval’s soft vocals, making an interesting contrast to the instrumentals. With the same kind of vibe all the way through the track, it’s not my overall favorite; however, the tempo switch at the end of the song makes it enjoyable nonetheless.

“Mary Of Silence” has ideas of feeling detached from the people around you, while also yearning for a connection with someone. It starts off with soft guitar and more prominent drumming, making the song feel ominous, almost eerie. This track is slow and deep, and the lyrics are sad and melancholic. As the song progresses, we hear more of the guitar we are familiar with in the previous songs, feeling electric and messy in the best way. 

Mazzy Star has a common theme with heartbreak, but “Five String Serenade” highlights yearning for a love that is gone so beautifully. Once again, it starts off with a slow and quiet guitar, this time paired really nicely with a tambourine. The sound creates a floaty feeling, almost euphoric. Sandoval’s drawn-out notes make the whole song feel like it was made by an angel. 

Moving on to the saddest song on the album, “Blue Light” is my favorite. The instrumentals are gut-wrenching, and the lyrics make my chest heavy. The song talks about loneliness and the want to leave home. The flow of the song is so satisfying to listen to, I genuinely don’t have anything bad to say about it. 

“She’s My Baby” is more about loving someone who already has a lover. The idea of having a soulmate, one person, and you won’t let go of them. With lyrics like, “She’s my baby / ain’t that something / but I know she belongs to you,” we see a deep want of this person’s love, as well as knowing they’ll never get it. 

With a total of ten tracks on the album, listeners go through the journey of the singers yearning for love and understanding, leaving us sad but wanting more. This album is creeping up on 30 years since its release marking three decades of changing lives with beautifully composed songs. If you enjoy listening to Lana Del Rey or Fiona Apple, I would definitely recommend giving this album a listen.

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