Love, The Intoxicating Drug


Ruby Hernandez

I had never felt this way about someone before. I constantly thought about them: her hair, their eyes, her voice and their touch. They had an effect on me that I thought no one could ever have on another person. 


Every time after we part, it’s the same. I repeat everything that happened in my head like the kimchi ramen we ate or the movies we watched while laying in each other’s arms. Then I feel sad and numb because of how empty I feel without her. 


I constantly repeat our first kiss over and over again and I remember how happy I felt. I remember the burning feeling on my cheeks from blushing and how they hurt from smiling so much. I remember the way their head layed on my chest after and how I couldn’t focus on the movie that was playing. 


The burning sensation she gave me was one I never wanted to leave. Every time she played with my hair my stomach fluttered. When they hold my hand in public and we laugh when people stare, it makes me feel like we’re the only two people that need to accept each other. 


She didn’t just have an impact on me, they had an impact on my family too. I liked the way she and my dad would joke and talk about rock music from the 90s. The way they could talk about rap music and 90s movies with my brother. I loved how even though my grandmother didn’t know them, she immediately liked her and welcomed her into the family. 


I noticed the small and extremely important things about her. Like the way their eyes squinted when she smiled or laughed, or how excited they get when they talk about music. The way she tucks her hair behind their ear when they wake up


They were the most accepting and welcoming person I’ve ever known. She’s the type of person people would write songs and stories about. They have the things that you’d expect only a fictional character would have. They’re the person I feel most safe with in this world. 


I never expected to be so in love with someone, but I truly experienced love at first sight when I first met them and continue to everytime I see her. I didn’t expect to ever fall in love with someone the way I fell in love with them, but her love was something so intoxicating that it was like a drug. I would search every universe for it until I had it.