Abigail Tenhonen is a freshman with interests in a wide range of writing

Freshman Abigail Tenhonen has a fascinating passion for writing and reading.

Abi’s interest in writing goes beyond just a passive interest. She has a comedic side, and loves to write and draw comics. She likes telling jokes and making people laugh, so many of her comics have a comedic slant to them.

Abi’s favorite type of writing, however, is just simply writing notes on custom characters and locations. This can include writing personal details, a physical description, or a backstory. Most of her writing when it comes to making characters does tie into a larger story, meaning characters stories are often intertwined.

In addition to writing, Abi also likes to read. Abi dabbles in nonfiction, but her favorite genres are horror and mystery books. She also from time to time likes to read fantasy, but says in her experience that most of the fantasy she has read is not especially good.

 “Nonfiction can be interesting,” Abi said. “I do like fantasy but most of the fantasy books I read can be kind of bad, I mostly read mystery and horror books.”

There’s more to Abi than just reading and writing though; her good friend Aidan had some very positive things to say.

“She’s one of my two best friends, and I’m really grateful for everything she helped me with,” Aidan said. “She’s kind, funny, thoughtful, creative, cool, and an all around amazing person.”
Aidan, also a freshman, says Abi is one of their greatest friends, and is extremely lucky to have her as a friend.

Aidan also shared some insight on what else Abi likes to do for fun.

“Abi also likes video games, cartoons, horror movies, scary stuff, and drawing,” Aidan said. “Her art is really good.”

Abi also likes being a journalist because they get to read and analyze articles, which she is very good at. Not to mention she gets to write, which is as previously mentioned, one of her favorite pastimes.

“Abi has such style to her work,” journalism adviser Sarabeth Leitch said. “She finds the details of a story, yet she adds her own unique flair. Her unique voice is always present in a piece, even when she’s conveying the story of others.”

 There’s more to Abi than could be covered in this short profile, but hopefully this piece provided a little insight into who Abi is as a person, and as a journalist.