The Office is a comedic masterpiece that first aired back in 2005, and continues to provide priceless entertainment for all


The Office is a popular show known for being quite funny, dramatic and humorous, which describes it very well. It’s a show based on the traditional American office workplace, where many Americans spend their day.

Throughout most of the series it consists of 13 main characters, however this varies as some of the characters leave and others fill in. For most of the show you will see the same main characters: Michael, Dwight, Pam, Jim, Phyllis, Stanley, Oscar, Angela, Toby, Meredith, Creed, Ryan and Kelly. Each character is unique and different in their own way and were all executed by the actors extremely well.

Dwight, my favorite character and one of the more mainstream characters, would probably catch your eye quickly as he has a very unique and distinguished personality. He is a lot different from all the other characters and will probably be seen as extremely overdramatic, competitive, humorous and protective. Dwight is the kind of character that you pretty much need for a show to be good, as without him the show wouldn’t be nearly as funny.

Over the course of the show you will find that, although it is mainly based around being very funny, it ends up having a lot of  emotional and sad aspects to it. The characters that, at the beginning of the show, seemed to be bored by each other, are eventually brought close together, creating friendships which add a lot of structure to the show.

Obviously, a well-thought-out plot always makes a show a lot better. A plot that is both easy to follow but also has some twists and turns. I feel like from my many times watching this show it definitely fits this description, and the writers were definitely able to find the right mix between action and simplicity. However I do think they could have added in more action to the first two seasons because if it’s your first time watching it might take you a lot longer to really get into it, especially if you’re a  younger person. Yes, the plot is very well thought out and organized, however the first two seasons were somewhat mundane. It’s the kind of show that you have to take time with to really start to love. 

Near the end of the show, I found that, as some of the main characters started to leave and disperse, the writers tried to replace them with other characters. This was probably just for them to keep the show alive. However, despite the fact that the new characters were funny and lovable, they still were never able to replace the original characters. This kind of thing happens with a lot of shows and every time the writers and producers will try to replace the characters they’ve lost, however it’s often very difficult to move on when you’ve grown attached to the original characters.

Despite the fact that the show lost some of its key characters, they were still able to tie off the show with one of the best closing episodes, the parting line being spoken by Pam: “There’s a lot of beauty in the little things, isn’t that kind of the point?”