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Meet Marisol Rodriguez: an upbeat spanish teacher

Photo Courtesy of Marisol Rodriguez;           Marisol Rodriguez stands in her graduation gown. She received a doctorate in teaching from Concordia University.

Marisol Rodriguez has been teaching Spanish here for a while, and she sees each year as a new opportunity to inspire a new class. 

“Every year seems like my first year ever due to many different changes, adjustments, and adoptions that we must have to do or learn to serve our students and their families,” Rodriguez said.

However, change has not stopped Rodriguez from adoring the school community. She affectionately refers to it as a “Micro UN”; In reference to the school’s diverse blend of backgrounds. 

“Building friendships across cultures, religions, colors, genders, etc. is like seeing the universe smiling with its splendor, isn’t it?” Rodriguez said. 

Junior Mary Burke had. Rodriguez last year for Spanish 3-4. Burke looks back on her experience in  class fondly and recommends her as a teacher to any incoming sophomores. 

“[Ms. Rodriguez] is so bubbly and upbeat,” Burke said. “She’s honestly so kind. She’s always willing to help her students.”

More than just the school environment motivates Rodriguez. She takes pride in being the mirror that reflects “the inner beauty of each of her students back to them.”

“It does take each of us a lot of energy to negotiate with the outside world, but it is more difficult at a young age, “Rodriguez said. “Therefore, I decided a long time ago that part of my life is to help each of my students as much as I can to embrace and fall in awe of his/her/their marvelous and unique self.”

Despite her dedication, Rodriguez did not always envision herself as a teacher. She recounts an interaction with her mother she had growing up in Peru. 

“When I was 12 or 13 years old, my mother did ask me if I wanted to become a teacher. My reaction was NO!” Rodriguez said. “So my mother was intrigued by my response and she asked, ‘Why not?’ My response was because ‘All teachers are witches.’ Well some of them!”

It was not until she was offered the opportunity to instruct classes while finishing her Bachelor thesis that Rodriguez fell in love with teaching.

“I became a teacher by accident, meaning while I was finishing my Bachelor thesis, my professors did offer me to help teach three courses under their supervision at my university,” she said.

Junior Mohammed Fofana has had Rodriguez two times. Fofana shares his advice for students in her class.

“Relax, it’s going to be completely fine,” Fofana said. “She’s an amazing teacher and everything she is doing she is doing to help you.” 

From saying “buenos dias” in the halls to making a memorable impact on the youth, Rodriguez is an integral piece of the McDaniel experience. 

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