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Clubs offer opportunities to explore interests, identity, activites

K-Pop Club


If you’re in need of a quest, try to find someone who hasn’t heard of the K-Pop club. Dance performances at sports games, exhibitions at assemblies and numerous appearances at other school events have put the club at the forefront of the minds of much of the school.

However, the club hasn’t always been at its finest. Before club chairman senior Sydney Hiransomboon took charge, the club’s numbers dwindled, and community involvement dipped.

“My brother was previously in [the club], so I decided to help rebuild the club with some of my friends,” Hiransomboon said.

Behind the scenes, club members organize performances and practice dances. They are looking for new members who want to dance and are looking to perform.

“Hopefully more people will come and join to dance because it’s usually the same people who’ve been members of the club,” Hiransomboon said.

K-Pop club can be found at either room 113 or 181 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 


Viet Club


Much like the K-Pop club, Viet Club prides itself on its performances and opportunities. 

“[We offer an] abundance of opportunities. We have fundraisers, field trips, food, volunteering, everyone’s friends too,” club co-chairman junior Ky Dang said.

This year was a big year for the club; a record number of around 35 members allowed the club to expand their reach and further their goal of highlighting Vietnamese culture.

 “We offer a safe place for Vietnamese people to represent their culture, talk about it,” Dang said. ”We also provide Vietnamese food, so [club members] can appreciate their culture. The food is only available for members.”

Dang is trying to capitalize on last year’s successes. He aims to push the momentum into next year and expand the club’s reach further.

“This year we have more members than ever. Next year we want to increase that even more. More members, more events, more everything,” he said.

Above all, club members like junior Patrick Le are grateful for Viet Club and the opportunities it provides as an outlet for Vietnamese culture.

“Being able to have a place where I can exude my culture is a really special thing,” Le said.

Viet Club meets in room 133 every other Tuesday.


Sewing Club


Of all the clubs offered, the sewing club stands alone as the school’s sole needlecraft enthusiast group.

“We are able to teach sewing and embroidery, we offer a lot of little projects we can make,” club chairman junior Brenda Hernandez-Rangel said. 

Sewing Club offers specific projects, like clothing repair. However, members are encouraged to create their own projects.

“Right now we’re making tote bags, but some members are doing their own thing,” Hernandez-Rangel said.

Sewing club acts as an opportunity for students to pick up a new advantageous skill with many real world uses.

“We can give people the opportunity to sew, so they can fix their clothes and things like that,” Hernandez Rangel said.

Sewing Club can be found in the Maker Space (room 130) at lunch on Wednesdays. 


Behind all of these clubs, and many more, is a small team of students working hard to make school more lively outside of regular classes. 

With a huge variety of free, engaging activities here on campus, it has never been a better time to be a Mountain Lion.

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