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The dance team has goals for being an amazing, supportive, growing community

Rozafhey Gutierrez
The dance team practices for their next performance for February sixth. The dance team works hard as they practice.

The dance team values community above all else —along with the feeling of belonging, which are some of the key components to create a well-functioning team

The dance team formed three years ago, and they’ve grown immensely since then. They have been able to do more performances than last year since the team is getting their name out there, like at sports games and assemblies.

Galilae Gonzalez is a senior on the dance team who believes the team has been able to grow with more performances. 

“We are passionate about dance, and we enjoy showing off since we are not competitive,” said Gonzalez said.

The dance team has been very supportive of each other, looking out for one another, sharing videos for future performances, and making sure they are on time, according to Gonzalez. She is personally interested in Folk and Morgana styles.

Another member of the dance team, freshman Ozora Spevak, joined this year. She found the team to be very welcoming and thinks the community of the dance team is great. She add that the dance team is funny and offers a safe space. Hip hop and Irish dance is what she is interested in, but she is open to other dances. Next year, Spevak is planning to continue being on the dance team.

“It’s really a good way to spend time and be productive too. It’s really like art, and I love it,” Spevak said.

Jaime Minkus, the coach of the dance team, has been teaching dance for about a decade now and has been dancing for about 17 years. She is interested in folk and salsa dances. She studied within the African diaspora, largely in Afro-Brazilian communities. She loves watching other dances, but her heart belongs mostly to folklore and social dances. 

This is Minkus’ first time coaching a team. Minkus wanted to make sure that the kids were the drivers of the team. She was nervous since had never coached competitively and her style of dance isn’t really mainstream. Coaching became one of her favorite jobs because of the strength of the community the dance team has built together. 

Minkus comes to coach dance on Tuesdays and Thursdays. She says the dance team is very supportive, accepting and is a place where everyone can be themselves. The dance team supports her by how they put their heart into dancing. She loves the dancers with how much they support each other and their determination. 

“Helping my kids see beyond where they see themselves,” Minkus said.

She is looking forward to teaching a couple kids choreography this season.  She likes to help kids explore other sides of themselves.

“It’s really important that our kids have the opportunity to find a creative expression, as well as another performing art within McDaniel,” Minkus said.¨ There’s so much wealth in being a performing artist and so many steps from an idea to a performance.”

The dance team has been supporting each other and has built a strong bond, creating a welcome and positive environment. 

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Rozafhey Gutierrez, Reporter
Rozafhey Gutierrez (she/her) is a sophomore. She's a very happy person and usually very positive about everything! She chose to contribute to The Oracle as a reporter because she enjoys writing about things.

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    AvaFeb 9, 2024 at 12:14 pm

    I love this story. I’m glad the Mcdaniel Dance Team is getting recognized for the hard work they do!