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Three underrated horror movies to watch this fall

One of my favorite parts of the fall season is the temperature outside finally getting low enough to snuggle up on the couch with a blanket and some warm apple cider. And of course, what else is there to do once you’re all cozy other than watch some scary movies? Here are my top 3.


1- Wendell & Wild (2022) – PG-13

I think by now it’s pretty undeniable that Jordan Peele is, like, the king of Halloween. Between his golden writing skills and spectacular acting, the man knows how to make a scary movie. Wendell & Wild is a shining example of that. 

This film was produced by Peele and Henry Selick, who is behind masterpieces like Coraline, Paranorman, The Boxtrolls and many more. These two working together are an unstoppable force. 

This movie has everything; it’s sad, funny, creative, emotional and real. Every line of dialogue, every feeling the characters express, every movement they make, it all feels so real. Maybe that’s just the nature of Peele and Selick’s writing, maybe it’s the stop-motion animation of this film that immediately wins me over. But regardless, this is a great watch for all.


2- Jack Stauber’s Opal (2020) – TV-MA

It’s hard to even properly describe Opal. This short stands at only 12 minutes, and yet every part of it is chock-full with horror. I left this flick feeling stuck somewhere between a nightmare and an out-of-body experience. 

The film was written by Jack Stauber, and those who are familiar with his work might know what to expect from this. Without saying too much and giving it away—woah.

This film sports a TV-MA rating, and it’s not afraid to show it. The short heavily references themes of abuse and can be really hard to watch at times. So if those kinds of topics are triggering or upsetting for you, I would steer clear of this one.


3- Spree (2020) – Not Rated

This movie is probably the funniest horror film I’ve ever watched. I hesitate to make this comparison, but as a diehard fan of the original Scream, I think it’s pretty comparable. 

Main star Joe Keery portrays his character Kurt Kunkle so unbelievably well, it’s actually crazy. His awkward tone and movements are both hilarious and totally unnerving all at the same time. 

This movie stands out to me, as it has a message that I usually would hate, and yet here I love it. The film heavily leans on the idea that social media is bad and can drive us to do crazy things in our search for attention. A dead horse that has long been beat, but somehow this film does it right. 

I appreciate how well-written the characters are and how, despite their insanity, they seem like real people. While this film stays unrated, I would not hesitate to give it an “R”. It’s full of gore, harsh language and plenty of adult themes. Definitely more for the 16+ crowd, but I still wholeheartedly recommend it.

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Valentine Lindsey, Review Editor
Valentine Lindsey (he/him) is a junior who loves movies, fast food and Spider-Man. He likes writing for The Oracle because it gives him an outlet to express his very strong opinions on trivial matters.

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