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Insidious: The Red Door: Leaving people unscared


Between the wonderful actors and the good scare-factor, Insidious is said to be one of the best horror movie series. The newest movie Insidious: The Red Door came out July 7. Although it’s one of the less scary ones in the series, it’s still a good movie to watch! 

The actors from the first, second and most recent movies have mostly been the same. They’re all amazing at acting, yet Patrick Wilson is the one that stands out the most to me. He plays Josh Lambert, the father in the family from the first movie. He really showed off his acting when being possessed by the entity in the second movie. Of course, there are so many scenes in which he demonstrates his abilities, like in the newest movie, when he is playing a memory game and someone or something comes at him. He showed amazing fear while being chased. The crying scene in the newest movie is notable as well. He showed very believable sadness from when he was leaving Dalton’s college dorm. 

Another actor that showed wonderful fear and lovely acting while being possessed by the lipstick-face demon (also known as the Red-Face demon) is Ty Simpkins, who plays Dalton Lambert. He was a little kid when Insidious and Insidious: Chapter 2 came out. Something that was silly to me is when he got possessed: he looked funny like the Grudge from The Grudge but with curly hair, and he was just staring with a smiling face.

In this movie, the jumpscares weren’t as scary as other horror movies, like The Conjuring. An example of a scene is when Josh was in the car after a funeral. It wasn’t scary, but you feel scared because someone is staring at the back window of the parked car. The person in the back mostly built tension, and if a jumpscare were to happen, there would be a warning, so it’s more noticeable. 

The sounds help the scares in this movie also, but they don’t happen all the time. The loud sharp sound during some scenes makes me feel nervous. The song “Tiptoe Through the Tulips,” played in the first movie, has an off vibe to it. It always reminds me of Insidious when I listen to the song.

My favorite part of the movie was the hospital scene. Josh Lambert goes to the hospital to get an MRI check, and it already has a jumpy feeling during the scene. It was a short but very enjoyable part to watch since it gave a good suspenseful feeling to me. There’s not a stupid amount of fear set into it unless you’re claustrophobic, then you might feel it more.

At just an hour and 47 minutes, Insidious: The Red Door is a great movie to watch with your friends, getting scared and having a good time. But if you’re not looking for those cheap scares, the new Insidious movie isn’t for you.

Give the movie a shot, at least with friends.

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Rozafhey Gutierrez (she/her) is a sophomore. She's a very happy person and usually very positive about everything! She chose to contribute to The Oracle as a reporter because she enjoys writing about things.

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