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Boys soccer: New motivated coaches, new era

Michael Smith
The boys soccer team at a home game.

As the varsity boys soccer season starts back up, a lot of things have changed. From team communication to new coaches, the Mountain Lions are back–and they’re hungry. 

According to goalkeeper Liam Phillips, last year the team dynamic struggled.

“We were divided. There were groups of friends within the team,” Phillips said. 

He explained that people actually play together this year.

“There’s more order throughout the team,” Phillips said. “We’re unified.”

Phillips believes that this season they will play better. That belief goes beyond teamwork. Along with team communication getting stronger, he adds that they are working on their skills as well. 

“This year, we won’t force our own chances by shooting from wherever,” Phillips added. 

The team plans to create more opportunities for goals, rather than shooting at any chance they get. 

Phillips isn’t the only one who believes the team has grown stronger. Midfielder Tavener Russ believes they have grown closer as athletes. 

“We suffered together,” Russ said, referring to a soccer camp that the team attended this summer to train.

Russ believes there are quite a few players to look out for this year.

“Jerry, he’s a very good keeper, and he makes incredible saves. Finn, he’s locked down, good at defense. Miguel too, he’s a sharpshooter. And me, I scored the first goal of the season,” Russ stated. 

Coach Ugo Uche also had some thoughts on the upcoming season. 

“Some of the hopes are to build a competitive program that can be a top team in the league and can fight for a spot in playoffs,” he said. 

He wants to set the boys up for the college level. 

“There’s always going to be struggles, we’ve already faced some adversities at the beginning of the season. I think those challenges are going to help shape our character and our leadership this year,” Uche added. 

He believes that the Mountain Lions are locked in this season. 

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