Senior Sendoff: Lilly Santangelo-St. Martin


I started my high school career at La Salle Catholic College Prep with my childhood best friend. I went through my first semester with the intention of graduating right next to her. However, Jan. 2020, I moved to a small town in central Washington leaving my mom and best friend behind. Eventually, I moved back to Portland with my mom at the start of junior year. 

Junior year was hard due to the fact that I was battling chronic depression and anxiety. It was hell for me to get out of my comfort zone and make lasting friends at McDaniel. 

Going into senior year, I didn’t expect it to differ from junior year at all, but thanks to Lane Shaffer, who I got to know in Newspaper, I was proven wrong. He turned my life on its head and reminded me that I was someone worth wanting to be friends with. Lane introduced me to a variety of new people. Later in the year, I met Cecilia Mouton, another one of my closest friends, and we clicked instantly. 

Newspaper helped me gain confidence to try new things, even if they didn’t work out for me, like being a team captain of the golf team. I had high expectations for the golf season, but I wasn’t able to put in my full effort due to my busy schedule. 

Other things like the Rose Festival Princess of McDaniel did work out for me, but I never would have gone out for Rose Festival Princess if it weren’t for the supportive community The Oracle staff had offered me. 

As it is for most people, high school has been a series of trials and errors for me. All three years before the last one have been mostly errors which only makes me more thankful for senior year. Without a doubt, this year has been the best year of school I have–and will ever–live through because of my best friend Lane and the others he introduced me to.  

I am so grateful for the connections I made in the newspaper room; I have been able to work with so many lovely people. Without Newspaper, I can only imagine senior year would have been just as challenging as the three previous years.