May Events

So there are three weeks left of school–only one for seniors–and it’s basically the second to last month before it all ends. Here are some last minute things to do in May before summer starts.


Rose City Festival


From May 26 to June 11, our City of Roses will be having its annual festival consisting of parades, carnival rides, shows, dragon boat races and much more. There will be more than 60 events, so go and check out what it has to offer at the Tom McCall Waterfront Park. 

You can check out what events there will be on the Rose Festival website.


Important Events for the Rose City Festival 

The Rose City Festival has many events, but there are two important events that stand out: the Rose City Fair, and Rose Festival Opening Night and Fireworks. 

            The Rose City Fair is one of the main spots for the Rose City Festival, as it is basically the hub for the whole event and is where you can go everyday to check out their carnival rides, concerts and food. 

            The Rose Festival Opening Night and Fireworks includes fireworks with choreographed music and a ribbon cutting. The ribbon cutting is at 5 p.m., marking the start of the whole festival, and fireworks will happen at 9:50 p.m. 

             Both events will take place at Tom McCall Waterfront Park.


Queer Prom


On May 26, there will be a prom for grades 9-12 for queer, trans and questioning people attending school in the Portland-Metro area. Allies are welcome if they are invited by a queer, trans, and/or questioning friend or date. 

The theme is Glow in the Dark Enchanted Forest, so bring your best light-up outfit! This event will happen from 6-10 p.m. at the Portland Art Museum. 

For tickets and more information, check out the Eventbrite Portland-Metro Queer Prom invite Go have a visit because this event is open to all relationships.


Vanport Mosaic Festival


From May 19-29, marking the 75th anniversary of the flood that destroyed Vanport, the 8th annual Vanport Mosaic Festival will be happening. It consists of one of the best experiences for those who lived in Vanport. 

Everyone is welcome, especially survivors and descendants as you can go and learn, talk and reunite with some folks from this tragic event as well. 

If you have things like photos, artifacts and such from this event then you should go and share such things! For dates, times and more check their website out The 8th Vanport Mosaic Festival


Asian Heritage Month at the Lan Su Chinese Garden

Having already started on May 6 but going all the way until May 28, the Lan Su Chinese Gardens will be having a great experience for those who wish to learn more or immerse into the cultures of Asian Americans, Native Hawaiins and Pacific Islanders! 

             Although the free admission day has already passed, you still have the two main events happening. First the Cultural Immersion Days with May 20 and 27 still left for you to visit, and secondly the Threading Together: Traditional Attire Exhibit, which has been happening daily since the start of the festival. 

           Go to the event before it ends, as it will be perfect for learning more about Asian culture. Or, if you are Asian, to bond as well. This is being held at the Lan Su Chinese Garden. For more information about this event, check out their website Lan Su Chinese Garden


That pretty much wraps up what we have left of our final spring month, so check it out before summer finally starts!