Scream 6 hits theaters leaving fans excited for more

Scream 6 hits theaters leaving fans excited for more

Scream is one of the longest horror movie franchises of the century. The first Scream movie came out in Dec. 1996. This film quickly became popular among horror movie fanatics.  After the success of the first movie, Kevin Williamson, the writer of the first film, decided to make it into a franchise, the second movie following only a year later in Dec. 1997. These Scream movies have paved the way for slasher franchises, being the prototype for all other slasher horror films. Scream 6 lives up to this reputation.

What makes the Scream franchise so unique is that although there are different killers every time, there are certain things that stay the same. There are always two killers–wearing ghostface masks–and they always call their victim and disguise their voices with the same voice changer. Also, Gale Weathers, the reporter from the first film, has been a main character in every Scream film. These constants within the franchise help comfort the viewers and let them know what to expect while still having the mystery of who the killer is. This factor is one of the reasons the franchise is so popular. 

The most recent Scream movie to come out was Scream 6, which came out on Mar.10t. Just like most of the Scream movies, it did great at the box office, racking up 44.5 million dollars on opening night, which is a franchise high. 

This movie stars Jenna Ortega, who was also the star of Scream 5. Ortega plays Tara Carpenter, an 18-year-old attending college as a freshman. She lives with her sister Sam, who is overprotective of her ever since the incidents shown in Scream 5. Tara, convinced nothing like that will happen again, is sick of her sister’s constant overprotectiveness. But just like all other Scream movies, a ghostface killer arises not long into the movie.

The film, just like the others, sets the audience up to try and figure out who the killers could be. The film sets viewers up with this as the characters become suspicious and start to turn against one another. 

Although this movie is the sixth in the franchise, it’s unique and keeps the audience on the edge of their seats, including the major plot twist at the end that wasn’t easy to detect.There is nothing that this film lacks. 

The acting in this film is filled with talent, despite being a slasher movie. Jenna Ortega puts on an outstanding performance, taking the audience through the agony and fear that she feels throughout the film. It is obvious why Ortega has quickly become so successful. 

Overall, this film was well thought out and is a great way to spend a night. It gives viewers the nostalgia of the first film by bringing in old characters, such as Weathers, but is unique as well, with its new characters who the audience can relate with, especially younger viewers. I thoroughly enjoyed watching this and would recommend going to see it. 

Although if you don’t want to watch all the Scream movies leading up to it, I would suggest you at least watch Scream 5, as it sets the background of the characters that star in Scream 6.