Steve Lacy’s The Lo-fi’s is a must listen


The Lo-fi’s, an album released by Steve Lacy in 2020, is the perfect blend of all things warm, bubbly and romantic, and a must listen anywhere and everywhere you go.

Once you listen to the album once, no question you will be back for more. Perhaps you’re sitting down at a cafe, deciding to get some homework done. What do you listen to? The Lo-fi’s. Making muffins in your kitchen while the sun streams through your window? The Lo-fi’s. 

Lacy has become a huge hit since 2013 after joining the alternative R&B band, The Internet. He gained even more widespread popularity after his song “Bad Habit,” which made it to the top charts in 2020.

However, one of his lesser known albums is The Lo-Fi’s. The album, only lasting 25 minutes in total, has 15 songs, each about 1-4 minutes. But the length of the songs does not reflect the quality. 

Atomic Vomit

With chill beats and funky drums, Lacy is singing about himself at a party where he meets a girl, while under the influence. The song is sloppy in the best way possible, and him being drunk is palpable through the song.

When I 

In this song, Lacy explains his feelings towards someone who he misses. He repeats a couple lines, like “Girl, when I miss you/I get caught up.”  explaining how he gets caught up in his feelings of loss. It’s a simple depiction of missing someone. It’s perfect for when you’re daydreaming about that special someone. 

Thats No Fun 

This song has a less romantic vibe and is more of a song about changing and questioning why one would ever want to stay the same. It’s one of the more meaningful songs in the album and can be essential when you’re going through a moment of transition. Lines like “Why would one stay the same/That’s no fun.” can be relatable. With the weighty lyrics and wistful guitar strums, it’s perfect to listen to wherever and whenever you feel a little indifferent about how life is progressing.

Cocky Girl

This song has a funky twist. As he repeats, “Nobody thinking ‘bout you,’” about some girl who is clearly egotistical, or thinks she’s better than she really is, it’s delicious to listen to. It’s one of the shorter songs in the album, but still tangible with Lacy’s disdain of a certain girl who he met in his later high school years.


With Lacy’s high-pitched voice and the beat of the drums, this song is easily one of my favorites on the album. The lyrics are so sweet as he talks about a girl and how they met. The way Lacy’s voice is high pitched, unlike his other songs, adds to how endearing it is. No one can dislike the chorus as he sings about having his girl right where he wants her to be. 

Jars of It 

The strum of the guitar is perfect for when you are laying in your bed, daydreaming after a fun night. It’s relaxing and a perfectly transparent song, as there is no underlying meaning in any of the lyrics. Lacy depicts an endearing scene of him dancing with someone who he clearly adores and he doesn’t want to stop.


“Bars.16” is definitely not the most poetic song, as the only time we hear Lacy’s voice are when he’s repeating “la, la-la, la,” for only a bit of the song. Still, it’s a simple song to listen to as you’re getting ready to go out with your friends. And with the melodious beat of the drums and the deep strum of the guitar, it’s hard to not just listen and enjoy.


A more regretful, but also romantic song in the album, Infrunami explains the longing for someone who you’ve lost touch with. And you only realize how much you appreciate their presence and their worth until after they leave. In the song, Lacy is almost pleading for them to come back to him. I feel it’s a sweet song that can be loved by any listener with its slow guitar strums, and the constant beat.


Again, with very few actual lyrics, this song may not stand out to people, but it’s still amazingly groovy. With the variation of instruments, including the occasion sound of rattling, which reminds me of the sound of a rattlesnake. I found this song to be nothing but fun and unique.


This song is more unique in comparison to other songs about romance you may have heard before. Instead of telling love as perfect, it’s more authentic and something people can relate to, hence the name. Lacy says being in a relationship can be both good and bad. Even with fights and issues, it’s still love after all. 

I Think I Should 

By far, this song is easily my least favorite on the album. The instruments are nice and calming, but the lyrics seem to be random and lack complexity. All Lacy does is talk about wanting to get to know someone better and liking them. Everyone knows the feeling already.


This song is also not one of the best ones. The melody is enjoyable, but again, the lyrics are random. Lacy just explains about some sort of trance he’s in with someone he likes. I feel like the meaning in this song has been exhausted by artists before Lacy, so it’s not anything special. 

Out of Me Head 

Yes, there is only one line that is repeated throughout the entire song, but it’s still up there in my favorites. The deep guitar strings occasionally switch to more light ones which is interesting to hear. Overall, this song is cool and would be best enjoyed when strolling down a busy street with headphones on. 


Like “Infrunami,” I enjoy the mixture of words to make one. When you say it, it sounds like “Don’t you know.”  It’s clever, and the lyrics are incredibly endearing as Lacy reminds someone that they are unique and wonderful even when they don’t believe it. 

The Song 

The lyrics are unlike any other song in the album, in my opinion. There are the sounds of a record scratching as Lacy talks about getting high with a girl and his experience of it all. You can hear him sighing, in almost a harmonious way, which I think perfectly adds to the tone of the song. 

Overall, this album is a must listen. With each track different in its own way, Lacy did an incredible job of tying everything together. The album was a collection of leaks and somewhat unfinished songs, but it was still cool to see into the mind of a young artist on the come up.