Boys’ Basketball: Hoping for a bounce-back season


Jackson Mailey

The boys’ basketball team practices before the season begins. They’re hoping to improve last year’s record and make it to the postseason.

The boys’ basketball team is looking to improve this year. After struggling with Covid-related practice restrictions last year, this team hopes to recover with a better season. 

They won four out-of-league games, yet didn’t win a Portland Interscholastic League (PIL) game, ending with a record of 4-19.

“I feel like the team didn’t live up to the full potential that they could’ve had, but I do think we have a lot of young talent without a lot of experience,” sophomore player Dylan Cheek added.

 But this year they are looking toward the future for this team.

“A good chunk of guys have been playing together for a while now,” head coach Chuck Matthews explained.

Most of this team has played together for a while and it has helped build team chemistry and develop more faith in themselves.

“Building a belief in the team—that’s what was lacking last year,” Cheek stated. “We’re trying to build a different kind of culture this year.”

Matthews believes the strongest aspects of this team are their athleticism and quickness. Keeping their pace in games is really important for the team. 

Despite their difficulties last year, there were some notable moments.

“When we beat Sunset in the Lakeridge tournament because they were a top-15 ranked team [at that time] and that win single-handedly almost took us to the playoffs,” Cheek said.  

Cheek explains that there are some strong aspects that will carry on for this season. 

“We have a lot of good guards, and I think that we’re gonna be scrappy on defense this year,” Cheek explained. 

Cheek is also confident in how this year will go for the team.

“I don’t really have any concerns or worries honestly. I just hope that if we do end up losing a game or two that the team just stays strong which I know they will,” Cheek explained.

This team believes in hard work and dedication. The beginning of competition is approaching, and Matthews’ goal is clear. 

“Postseason,” Matthews said. 

It’s a big goal for this team to make it to the playoffs, and Matthews certainly thinks that it’s possible with hard work and dedication. 

Matthews thinks the players to look out for are wide open, and it could be anyone on varsity this year. 

“For a lot of guys, it’s gonna be their first extended action on varsity, and we have some returning guys so it’s wide open,” Matthews added.

The new mindset this season will help to get where they want to this year. 

“We just have to believe that we can do it, and we can go anywhere we want to,” Cheek said.  

The first varsity game is on Friday against Forest Grove at home.