Cheer team has high hopes for new season despite seniors graduating


Jackson Mailey

The cheer team lost 11 seniors last year, a big loss for the team and coach Sharlivia Slaughter. Nevertheless, Slaughter feels very thrilled for the team this year after rebuilding it with some new members. 

“I’m super excited about our team this year,” Slaughter said. 

After tryouts in April, the team had learned their entire catalog of cheers by June. Slaughter’s strategy for this is to make sure all of the cheers are ready and polished by August. Every year she does this.

The cheer team is unique in that they do a Stomp N Shake style of cheer, which has elements of traditional Step cheer with a little southern twist. Her hope for this is to make it to the district level competition in Oregon after competing with another school that practices the same style of cheer.

Cheer captains Kaylee Troung and Lexi Skinner also hope to compete in a Stomp N Shake competition this year. 

“I hope to compete,” Troung said. 

There’s a lot of work that goes into cheer behind the scenes, Slaughter explained. They practice every step, jump and clap outside of school in order to perfect every move. 

Like Slaughter, Skinner and Troung are confident in their team this year. 

“They are doing great,” Skinner said.

For both Skinner and Troung, the most rewarding part of cheering was the first game. They are both excited for the season and rest of their year. 

“When you’re cheering and you hear everyone cheering on, that’s a good moment,” Troung said. 

Slaughter is confident in Skinner and Troung’s leadership, and all are optimistic about the cheer team this year.