The Batman delivers true, captivating gotham experience


The Batman premiered in March, and it is the best DC movie to come out recently, shocking the audience with its amazing visuals and storytelling. 

The entire atmosphere fits the expectation of a Batman movie perfectly, with the constant rain, the huge amount of darkness used in the movie, and the soundtrack that helps build suspense. All in all, every single strategy used to set the scene was integrated perfectly to fit the theme of Batman.

In the fight scenes, we got loud action music with stunning camera shots that built suspense, all while still keeping a dark, gloomy theme to fit Gotham City. All of these are used perfectly in the opening scene of the movie where Batman narrates over multiple shots of the bat signal and people in Gotham committing various crimes. He keeps talking about the use of fear, which just sets the dark tone even more. It makes the audience feel on edge as the camera pans to show dim places where he could be hiding. Meanwhile, we have a very suspenseful soundtrack playing in the background.

The use of The Riddler as a villain for this film was perfectly paired with the cryptic, mysterious side theme going on throughout the entire movie. With the audience only knowing as much as the characters, we were able to figure out the mysteries along with the story as the movie progressed. 

Sitting in the theater, I just felt immersed in everything that was happening and vexed by the amazing cinematography used in the movie. Every shot seemed to be precise and perfectly placed to capture what was happening but still staying consistent with the dark, mysterious, almost shady atmosphere set for the movie.

Overall, I think the movie is a 10 out of 10 and is one of, if not the best, Batman movie ever made. I fully recommend you go see it in theaters while it is still playing.