Top tier snack: Chips unrivaled in diversity


Illustration by Greta Boelling

Chips are the most unbeatable snack to ever exist. They come in multiple sizes, have a wide variety of flavors, are quite easy to get–and there’s just so many amazing flavors of them. The only thing that you have to worry about for chips is someone snatching the one that you want.

Chips are little, bite-sized, oval-shaped flakes of baked potato, with some being perfectly round in shape and some being wavy and almost all over the place. Their smell can be exactly like the flavor you get, even if you get something utterly ridiculous like cappuccino.

The final absolute attribute, the thing that carries it all, the taste. Chips can be way different depending on what flavor you get, with some brands giving you that potato flavor you want or others that completely over power that starchy taste.

Depending on quality, some can give you that satisfying crunch you need, or some may leave you addicted and wanting to get more. 

Since there’s such a vast variety of flavors, chips can either be so good that you want more or so bad that it makes you wanna laugh and keep eating because, “Hey, why not finish the whole thing?”

There are also so many sizes for bags. If you can’t find the size you want, there will probably be another size that can be bigger and/or smaller ones. There’s like four sizes for chips though that people get the most: small, medium, large, and party. If I’m being honest, you can’t go wrong with any of them.

The bites, it’s the best part of it all (duh), and they can all be different. The first bite gives you a hint making you wanna get another one just to make sure. After that goes, you’ll get to a point where you just eat as much as you can. Sometimes if the bag just wasn’t enough, the last bite will leave you hanging like a cliffhanger to your favorite show.

They are fit for so many situations. Need a snack for the road? No problem, just open a bag and munch on it. Need a party snack? Get a bowl, and pour the chips in it. Because whatever you do you can always open one and just start munching, unless you’re doing something absurd like swimming, but you get the point.

Out of all the brands, Lays has my top spot. Only because from what I’ve seen they seem to have the largest variety of flavors out of all the chip brands. 

The thing is though, not all of them are good. Some can be extremely irregular, for example there’s a cappuccino flavor. Others can be amazing, like some of those weird ramen flavors, which are quite good in a unique way.

Overall chips are top tier. They have such a wide variety of flavors, and it’s impossible to run out of chips to try. Now if you don’t find the right one, just try another one. The bite may not be perfect with some being too small or too cardboardy, but eventually you’ll get the perfect one that just makes you get more until you get it again. Finally, they always have that lingering taste of whatever flavor you had.