Friend making as a freshman


Sebastian Fultz

Making more and more friends as a freshman can be stressful, but fun. 

During the early school year, I started making so many friends. It was like springtime, when everything is blossoming and more and more flowers keep appearing. My friends being the flowers. 

The first friend I made was in my core classes. Their name was Kaydin Gorden. We both found out we had made a connection to a new friend, Dianna Davis, who had invited us to hang out with them and their friends at lunch. It started off as five people, then seven, gathering at the stoop by the garden that overlooks the football field. They all became my friends, but with any crazy group of teenagers, chaos was expected. Anything from throwing food at each other to responding to a question with a rude remark. 

I had made other connections outside my core classes set out on a quest to be, I guess, popular. I had made everyone in my core classes my friends. 

 I ended up being a beacon for people and the next thing I knew there were 30 people at our lunch group. I felt really bad though because some of the original friends I had made moved due to the overwhelming amount of people. After they left, there were a total of 20 people.

There had always been fights between other friends’ lunch groups, but now it’s a battle of who wants me to sit with them. The groups in my head are classed into categories. 

The bigger main group I still sit with, I classify as ”the recess group,” because they act like we are in elementary recess: chasing each other around, stealing shoes, throwing food, yelling and screaming, saying the strangest things. That’s just a normal day. Though I have also acted like lunch is recess because I’ve slid on the floor and tackled people many times. 

Being tired though comes from this the most. 

When I’m tired or out of it, I calmly sit with the other group of 10 people. They only talk about drama or recent things and rarely raise their voices, and it sends me into some needed relaxation. 

The amount of energy I put into all my friends is beyond human. My friends might paint me as mean or rude, but in reality, I just need some coffee. 

The good experiences they give me, I promise, are worthwhile. Whether that is laughing our souls away or sometimes blowing fun-dip up our noses for some odd reason, we still make sure to value each other’s emotions. 

I am able to bond with anyone based on anything in common. I tend to make new friends whenever I can, and I love all the creativity and interesting minds that I come across and will forever be grateful to all the people I’m friends with. Even when they throw bananas at me and say, “dance magic man!”, I will still love and appreciate them for being my friend.