Top 10 summer jobs for teens





With this job you can create your own wages and spend time with kids. To get your name around, you can ask neighbors and family members.  You can also advertise via flyers or social media. 

If you are going to do this, I recommend taking some Red Cross child care courses beforehand to be fully prepared. 


Parks and Recreation  


This summer Parks and Recreation has invited tons of high school students to apply for various jobs. You could do consumer service, camp counselor, lifeguard, etc. 

They have been having online career fairs throughout the year, which give you lots of information about the positions. Here is the link to that: Parks and Recreation job opportunities. 




Working in retail can be a good start when looking for a job because places like Target, Kohl’s, Fred Meyer and others, often hire young workers. You can get a lot of experience with interpersonal communication skills and customer service in these positions. Occasionally you can get a discount where you work. 


Canine care  


Much like babysitting, you can create your own salary and do your own advertising. You can put signs up in your neighborhood or go to a local park and talk to people with dogs.


Handmade goods 


If you are incredibly gifted at creating something, consider selling it! Sites like eBay and Etsy are great places to sell your handmade items and make some money. You could also create your own website and business, but these websites are good places to start. 




If you enjoy swimming and being outdoors, this could suit you. After taking the correct classes you can be a certified lifeguard. This would be a great job to have during the summer. 

Click here for Red Cross lifeguard training classes.




If you feel that you are amazing in a subject, why not teach it? There are plenty of kids your age or younger struggling to pass a class and you could help. You could talk to your counselor and local parents to start. 

One way to do it is through the SUN tutoring center.


Delivery apps 


Apps like Doordash, Postmates and Grubhub have become more and more popular this year. You get paid to pick up and deliver food to people and collect tips. You can use your own car and make your own hours. You must be 18 or older though to do this. 


Fast food 


McDonald’s, Burgerville, Wendy’s, Taco Bell and many more all often hire young workers. It’s a good experience for your first job while you collect a little money during the summer. You gain customer service skills and depending on what position you have, gain experience working in a kitchen. 

Each restaurant has their own link: Mcdonald’s, Burgerville, Wendy’s, TacoBell 


Grocery stores 


Grocery stores can be great places to work. You can get a discount on groceries and have flexible hours. You also have many opportunities for advancement. Plus you could buy food on your break and it pays pretty well. 

Local suggestions are: Trader Joe’s, Safeway, New Seasons and  Costco.